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MapleStory Cave Crawlers
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Name MapleStory Cave Crawlers
Developer(s) Nexon
Genre RPG
Release date(s) Dec 15,2011
System(s) iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

MapleStory Cave Crawlers is a game for iOS devices. It is the first game in the MapleStory series to feature random encounters. Battles are done using a unique rythm system.

Current App Store DescriptionEdit

Get lost in the charming lands of MapleStory all over again! Introducing Maplestory: Cave Crawlers, a new tactical adventure through the forests, mountains, and dungeons of Maple World.

-Addictive new control system lets you explore Maple World like never before.
-Smash through monsters as a powerful Fighter or backstab your way to victory as a sneaky Thief.
-Customize weapons, armor, and skills for a unique experience every time!
-Test your tactics and reflexes against a wide variety of different enemies.
-Crawl through 5 randomized dungeons, with more to come, for hours of fun!

Playable CharactersEdit


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